■Definition of specialty coffee

In the country where the coffee beans are grown; cultivation, harvest, production process, sorting and quality must be strictly controlled.
The coffee must be brewed with carefully chosen and roasted beans.
The coffee must have a special taste distinct to the source of the coffee.


SCAA(Specialty Coffee Association of America)のカッピングスコアシートというコーヒーの評価表があり、このスコアシートの評価でスペシャルティコーヒーかどうか判別します。評価表項目/入れたコーヒーの香り、風味、後味、酸味・果実味、甘さ、コク・質感、調和、透明度、一貫性。

■Difference between general coffee and ours

Coffee is given rankings according to criteria of SCAA ( Specialty Coffee Association of America ).
Items of the criteria are the following,Flavor, taste, aftertaste, sourness, fruitiness sweetness, richness, harmony, transparency, consistency.
Not only the beans, but the brewed coffee is strictly evaluated.
The coffee cannot be called “Specialty coffee” unless every process from roasting to sale is strictly controlled.


①特定の国・地域において、土壌作りからコーヒーの品種、栽培を徹底管理 ②その産地の気候に合わせた選別収穫…完熟したコーヒー豆を一粒一粒丁寧に選別 ③選別収穫後の豆を乾燥…虫食い豆や未成熟豆、発酵したものや、割れたものを選別 ④包装、輸送…コーヒー豆に応じて真空包装や密閉包装して輸送、輸入 ⑤保管…リーファー(定温庫)コンテナにて保管までを徹底管理 ⑥キノシタショウテンさんにてミカヅキショウテン用に焙煎 ⑦ミカヅキショウテンへ

■Process of our specialty coffee

In a certain country or place, soil, breed, and cultivation must be strictly controlled.
Only fully ripened beans must be carefully harvested according to the climate and the weather.
The beans must be dried only after removing worm-eaten, immature, broken or fermented ones.
The beans must be shipped in vacuum-sealed packing to preserve the quality of the beans.
The beans must be stored in a low temperature warehouse.
The beans are roasted at Kinoshita-shoten for Mikazuki-shoten and delivered to Mikazuki-shoten.